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24 / Le Cuisinomane


June 5, 2021

9 perfect cafes to work in in Montreal ​

La Brume is a neighborhood café as we like them. The staff are super welcoming, warm and the atmosphere is very friendly. It's a place where you quickly feel at home, except for the fact that the coffee is better, then they serve the afternoon tea. If you can't find it, look for the foggy windows on rue Saint-Zotique.

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23 /


January 8, 2020

TOP 10 best cafes to study in Montreal this session

For the best scones  ever, it's at La brume dans mes lunettes that it is necessary to go! Nestled on Saint-Zotique, the warm space with shared working tables is the ideal context to advance your projects. English tea is also available for groups of 4 to 12 people, for an experience worthy of British royalty!

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22 / La Presse

December 12, 2019

In the shelves

These scones are made in Quebec with flour, milk, butter, eggs, baking powder and salt. Known ingredients, without preservatives. Next come the toppings (dried cranberries, maple syrup, almonds, etc.). Obviously, it's a pastry, not a fruit. It's a high protein snack, with enough fiber, but too much sugar (except for the plain scone), says Karolane Côté, nutritionist. The percentage of saturated fat is also too high.  »His recommendation ? Enjoy these scones occasionally, as you would with dessert.

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21 / Mtl Blog


December 11, 2019

8 Places To Have High Tea In Montreal That Make You Feel Like You're Brunching In London

La brume dans mes lunettes is one of those adorable Montreal gems that you can't help but fall in love with.


This laid back coffee shop and tea room also serve high tea and it is awesome. The minimalist decor is very cozy and customers instantly feel at home when entering this spot.

Here, you'll be able to enjoy a traditional high tea experience without needing to dress up…unless you want to!  

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20 / Le Journal de Montréal


December 7, 2019

Finding your way after several jobs

Luc Sénéchal practiced several trades with varying degrees of success before making one of his dreams come true.  : go into business. He created not one, but two businesses: La brume dans mes lunettes coffee shop and tea room, and then Le monde est scone, which offers frozen scones sold in grocery stores.

“I traveled quite a bit before I found my way,” he says.

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19 /


December 5, 2019

Tea time

If the very British tea time seemed previously frozen in time and reserved for old ladies, it sheds its old-fashioned air and creeps in like a new gourmet rendezvous.

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18  / see this


November 7, 2019

Clement Vieuille  : change of pace in the kitchen

Originally from Charente-Maritime in France, this 31-year-old chef arrived in Quebec two years ago. First passed through the Toqué! and Christophe, big names in Montreal catering, he then chose to go to work in a café in Petite-Patrie to find a healthier pace. And he has plenty to say about the  food…

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17 / Journal Metro

November 4, 2019

For several years now, the café La brume dans mes glasses has been serving homemade scones to the delight of the residents of the neighborhood.  Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie . Faced with their success, the owner of the café, Luc Sénéchal, thought it might be a good idea to market them to expand his offer. The Le monde est scone products were then born!

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16 /

November 1, 2019

The great return of the scone


The battles of the Plains are replayed, this time in the bakery department: the sacrosanct French croissant could well be dethroned by the scone straight from the British tradition, and which is making a good place on the shelves. The butter bun has not finished talking about  him…

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15 / 

October 27, 2019

A Montreal café offers its scones (the best!) In grocery stores

The world is scone  now has two goals: to conquer the Quebec market (the world, who knows?) and to democratize the consumption of scones so that they become a festive daily pass. On sale everywhere in Quebec, both in grocery stores and in markets, boutiques and specialized establishments, they are available in frozen format to cook!

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14 / City Brunch

February 20, 2019

The best scones in Montreal

Ready to discover a place that changes the eternal PBO (Potato-Bacon-Egg)  and who transports you without jet lag in London? I'm already intriguing you but I will also have to give you the courage to put on your coat to face the cold weather while having a smile on your face. You will already laugh when you hear the name of the place. Open your ears wide, take off your hat, we'll meet at La brume dans mes lunettes !

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13 / Silo 57


February 12, 2019

7 places to have tea and pretend to be a member of the royal family in Montreal

Prince Harry may have finally found true love, but there's nothing stopping you from pretending to be a member of the British Royal Family every now and then.   

  A good way to do this is to get your friends together for tea time. This very English tradition takes place in a few establishments on the island of Montreal.   

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12 /  Jeff on the road 

April 21, 2018

An Authentic Afternoon Tea In Montreal

"  Of course, there are several places in Montreal where you can have an authentic Afternoon Tea - like Cardinal Tea Room and Ritz Carlton - but this one wins on being the most casual of them all. No need to dress up to the nines. "


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11 / La Petite Séduction

July 12, 2017 

Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie

To mark the 375th anniversary of the founding of Montreal, the team of La petite seduction makes us discover the borough  Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie with Catherine Proulx-Lemay.

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10 /  Baron Mag

April 27, 2017

“He is warm and human. Many of our customers tell us that they feel a bit like being at home or visiting friends. We know our regulars, we pamper them, we love them and we welcome new ones in the same way. We also have the best scones in town. There are clients who come from as far away as Sherbrooke, Quebec and even the Magdalen Islands to make reservations! "

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09 /  La Presse


Nov. 17, 2016

The cafe where it is good to take your ease

"  And then there is the smell of scones just out of the oven that forces you to eat. Those we have tasted  - cranberries, almonds and maple syrup -  went very well with coffee. "

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08 / Tastet

October 11, 2016

Charming English tea time

"  What do we like most about La brume dans mes lunettes ? It is the charm of the house! We also really like the brightness and the warmth of the room, their  afternoon tea  and their delicious home-cooked meals - all at low prices. We also appreciate  the attentive service and the friendliness of the staff and owners. We go back (very) often! "

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07 /  Les Petites Manies

October 9, 2016

The perfect tea room for an afternoon tea


"  3 tiers of pure sweet and savory happiness. We start with cucumber and beef or salmon sandwiches. We change floors for scones, cream and marmalade. And we finish with a dessert, usually a lemon or berry tart. We complete the whole thing with the choice of a tea imported from  London. The delicious hot drink comes in a traditional metal teapot accompanied by its small porcelain patterned cups! "

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06 /


September 27, 2017

“Apart from the place which is really charming, what we particularly appreciate is the offer of English tea.  The service is offered every day between 9 am and 5 pm and there are several types of "packages",  varying between $ 13 and $ 40. The biggest  Her Majesty the Queen, is served to you on a beautiful three-story platter. "

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05 / Le Journal de Montréal

July 21, 2016

Crushs  by ... PL Cloutier

"  It's an English-style concept where you can have tea, tea, cucumber sandwiches and scones at tea time. It is really nice place. "

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04 / Eat with Eva

December 17, 2015


“I can say that I've found my favorite scone in town! The texture was crumbly, but not too buttery. It totally made my day.  When I told the staff that this is one of the best scones I've ever had in Montreal, he told me that the owner learned all  these British treats when he was in Leeds, UK.  "

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03 / Aventures Beach Bum Tribe


November 6  2015

Tea time at La brume dans mes lunettes!

“The space is very beautiful, it is bright, it is very tastefully furnished, it is easy to get away with it as at home.  A small café perfect for going for tea and nibbling a scone or meeting up with friends for a coffee.  "

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02 /


September 25, 2015
English tea for all


"Because beyond tea, what makes the interest of La brume dans mes lunettes is the neat atmosphere, of course, but more reminiscent of the café than the stuffy tea room: high ceilings, lots of natural light and furniture where you feel just as comfortable. in groups on large tables that alone at the counter with his computer (multiple outlets and USB).  "

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01 / Montreal Addicts

September 21, 2015


“The space is very beautiful, bright and well appointed. You can drink, coffee, latte, cappuccino or teas and nibble on muffins, scones, cakes, sandwiches or salads. If I will gladly go back for coffee, it's definitely the afternoon tea  that I will test next time! "

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